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Very Wonderful!  :flag:


"St. Canard in pastels"
very pleasant work.

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Thank you.



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Cool =)
You know I more like the picture where only Malicia and Ariana are =)


Hi guys, sorry that I cannot speak Russian well (I'm pretty much stuck with a translator). But I could use your help.

There is someone on DeviantART posting under my name and character's name, and claiming my artwork as theirs. When my friends have politely asked them not to repost the artwork of others, this person blocks them and swears at them.

I have reason to suspect they are someone who visits this forum.





Does anyone recognize this person?



I'm really glad to see you here because I like when someone from abroad sometimes visits our forum. I see "your" fake DA accounts and I think that's bad idea whatever it was.

But IMHO this is no anyone from here. I definitely can say that almost all our visitors would not do this because English language still is great problem for many people... sometimes it's problem for me too :D  So we are not evil and cruel to you and Mal)

Sorry I (yes ~slithytover DA account is mine) can't answer from your post under the Mitse's picture with Mal and Kara because I lost my DA password :( But I really did't mean anything bad about your OC! When I wrote a review for Mitse I used a Russian spoken idiom. Maybe it has lost it's meaning when online-translater translated it? I am so sorry about this. In English it mean "Wow I never thought that I would be glad to see this girls!" and and it really is that! It wasn't trolling or something like this!

Please do not suspect me and all us :) I hope you and we will know who is it bad copygirl. And put her in the darkest Darkwarrior prison :D

Good luck :)


The person is using a Russian to English translator I believe... at least I came to that conclusion when I saw this: http://comments.deviantart.com/4/17933857/2042324959 I thought perhaps they saw my art posted on this forum and then followed it over to DeviantART.

And no worries about the Kara/Mal pic :)


I'm sure about rus-eng online-translating before I clicked the link. Accounts name make me think about it. Bad, bad trolls or stupid girl. Pff.

Malicia написал(а):


Hahaha, you're cool! :D And yes, quote in Russian from translate.google.com.
Well, it promises to be interesting. Try to find who is it... I sent PM for her.


My friend advised to contact DA administration. They usually delet clones)


I don't know who it is too... and I can't even imagine who it is O_O
I can only advise your friends not to write comments and ignore his or her 'cause this person gets her sadistic pleasure from each comment of yours.